Whether we want it to or not the world's going to keep changing, turning, and revolving. We owe no one anything except the one who made it all possible and we owe him with our life, with our faith, with our heart, with our devotion, with our love, and with our strength. I'm always mind boggled when people walk around as if they are better than the next, as if they are on a pedestal, as if they are the king of kings,and queen of queens,last time I checked we all bleed the same way, and we all have to die one day. Nowadays when you hurt someone they think
you owe them because you've caused them pain, when someone does what you think is a favor they think they own you because it wasn't done sincerely from the goodness of their heart, basically everyone wants to receive but never give and when they do give they dont give unselfishly. No matter what never allow another to make you feel as if you owe them or as if they own you. We just have to face reality when it comes to some people, not everyone has a pure heart, not everyone is genuine and sincere, not everyone will be for you, and not everyone will wish you well. God gives us many signs to conclude things for ourselves but yet we ignore those signs, and learn lesson after lesson the hard way. Guilt trip or a pity party I've never attended those and neither should you. If someone is willing to hang something over your head as if they are sinless, and immortal let them and leave them alone. When misery, depression, vulnerability, temptation, lust, doubt, and fear start to knocking , it's you who decides if they are coming in. Take a minute to reflect on life and it's abundance , about how you've made it when you've been counted out, how adversity has no place in your life, how your road travelled has been a long prosperous one, think about the goodness of the lord and everything therein. I truly believe when we think positive, positive things happen to us and when we think negative we are welcoming in misery. Ask yourself Do I want hate and misery to consume me until I am old, will I be alone because of my misery, or am I going to speak my blessings into existence, and set my soul and mind free. Pray for those who are held in bondage and enslavement by themselves because someone prayed for us and still does pray for us. Nothing can consume you or affect you unless you allow it to!