Life isn't difficult, decisions don't have to be hard, we make things hard on our own. Though we do a good job at making misery and being miserable, God won't leave us in our misery. We have to learn to ask for forgiveness by opening up our heart and by opening our hands, and just receiving it. When living in misery your doubting mind will always have you second guessing but your inner heart will always know the truth. Dwelling on past transgressions will get you nowhere but in the past, and you can't move forward if your past has you
caught up, blaming others and feeling sorry for yourself. I say this all the time " Be real with yourself, if you can't Be real with anyone else". We are so hard on ourselves because we know our full potential, because we know we can do better, because we want to succeed no matter what, but you will fail before you try if you are harboring past hurt, and past misery. This is a continuation to my previous writing, I felted the need to put emphasis on misery and how some just let it take ahold and consume them until they are feeble and broken down. When it comes to misery, you'll be shocked at the all the excuses and reasons why people are this way, my husband cheated on me with my bestfriend, nothing ever goes my way in life, why has God forsaken me, no one loves me, I came from a broken home etc... There are no reasons as to why in my eyes that people shouldn't be happy. The devil loves that he can easily manipulate his way into these people's minds . Stop making excuses and blaming everyone but the person whose responsible and has control over their life which is yourself. The world may be cold but our hearts are warm, wake up and take your life back, tell the devil he's evicted and Christ has given you a stay away order along with a prayer of protection!