:: AUDIO :: "NEED THAT" by Ninety

"Sharing the birthplace and carrying the name as a homage to his golden era influences, Bronx native NINETY is the rebirth of genuine east coast Hip Hop. Refreshing rhyme skills layered with social messages delivered with ease and listenability. Catchy melodic phrasing seamlessly intertwined with a sharp flow bridges the gap of traditional lyricism and contemporary hook driven productions. Often found clad in his own FUTURE IKON brand, NINETY is a self made businessman and entrepreneur as well. A well-rounded representation of the millennial artist. His presence commands attention, his performance exudes confidence, and his personable character appeals to all generations. Ninety’s album, "IKONSTATEOFMIND."" Support Ninety download "Need That" then download his latest project, "IKONSTATEOFMIND." Follow him on Instagram @IKon_Ninety & Twitter @IKon_Ninety

 ~misfit movement let's make it count!!!