AUDIO :: "Living Outrageous" by Mangle SHED Mafia ft. Demon$

"Living Outrageous" is what happens when Canada meets Philly. The Mangle SHED Mafia teamed up with the Demon$ to create something outrageous!

"The Mangle SHED Mafia is a Canadian rap group that consists of members Goldy Locks and Poutine. The Mangle Shed is a magical place where Goldy Locks and Poutine birthed their rap career, at first they'd just use the shed to get drunk and high until one day, Goldy and Poutine threw on a instrumental and started spitting off the dome while getting stoned. Other emcees would begin to spawn in the shed and this is the start of the infamous MangleSHEDMafia. They're content consists of a twist of drugs and personal experiences and they're views of the world."

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