We had the pleasure of asking Detroit native, Acapella a few questions and enjoyed every answer. After reading this piece we are sure you would have enjoyed every answer as well as became a fan,
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MT: What is your government name?
Acapella: My government name is Trista Hudson.

MT: What are your influences?
Acapella: My influences are everyday life, great music by great artists, and the ambition to be in the history books.

MT: How did you come up with your stage name?
Acapella: I came up with my stage name over a period of years, while being able to get my hands on instrumentals early on in my career. I then learned how to perfect my lyricism without the actual use of music andfinding my own rhythm and teaching myself how to count bars.

MT: Why are you a rapper?
Acapella: Simple. I love words. I love creating stories and I love music. Creating songs are like painting pictures and putting together puzzles. It's all art and I'm an avid lover of all different types of art. Rapping istherapy to me. It helps me get thru the days.

MT: If you were not rapping what would you be doing?
Acapella: If I weren't rapping, I'd be an architect. I'd either be in grad school for architecture and construction management or working an internship at a firm.

MT: How would you describe your sound/music?
Acapella: I would describe it as life music. I'm not a one dimensional person, so it would be difficult to put my sound into one box. I could give you street music, conscious, party or club anthems, emo, whatever the mood calls for.

MT: What does your lyrics say about you/your character?
Acapella: That I'm a thinker. An observer. That I'm different from the norm.

MT: Do you love your music?
Acapella: Yes. Lol. I love listening to my music because it makes other feel good, speaks on things others think are taboo, and inspires ppl. That makes me feel good all around. It's taken me across the country, I've talked famous celebs & artists on the phone because of it, and they've praised me. Tha sacrifice are losing sleep, losing associates, falling behind on bills, but it's always worth it. This is what I genuinely love.

MT: What is your mission? What kind of impact if any do you want your music to have on your fans?
Acapella: My mission is to simply spark the minds of others that think like me, and to go out and make changes to our society. Kind of like how 2Pac & Kanye West did/do.

MT: What are your goals?
Acapella: My goals are to be remembered as one of the greats, but not only that, I want to be an influence to people around the world in letting them know you can acquire your dreams if you simply put the positive energy out into the universe and go for it. Whatever you believe in.

MT: How will you know when you have “made it?”
Acapella: When I'm not tied down to the standards of being "hood rich". As young Blacks, we think that people are sellouts if they're not always puttin' on for the hood or living in the troubled environment they grew up in. That's just stupid. Again, that's putting yourself into a box.

MT: Do you have a team behind you?
Acapella: Yes. My team is a team of producers called TNFAC (The Not Fuckin Around Crew) which is made up of myself, Dopie, A-Train, Motizzy, & Vaughn. Before becoming my team of producers & writers though, they were my friends which makes the bond stronger.

MT: How many live performances have you performed?
Acapella: I can say I've had at least 30 or so performances over the past 4 years. Might be more, might be less. I don't get as many shows as some people may think. Even though I feel like I should. Lol. My best performance had to have been this past May for the "No Fly Zone" show by Trick Trick at The Majestic Theater. What made it the best is that I was comfortable on stage, they treated me like an artist and made sure I was good, and the crowd was into my music & showed love. I actually have two worst performances. The 1st was my 1st actual show back in 2009 at a bar in Romulus, and the 2nd was at Apollo Night at Eastern Michigan the year afterwards when I got booed by the entire crowd just by walking on stage. The 1st show was horrible because I ran out of breath during my performance, forgot a lot of words to my songs, and fell off of the stage trying to be cool. Lol. THAT taught me that you just can't rap and think everything's gonna be fine. You have to practice and take this craft serious. The EMU show taught me that there's ppl out there that aren't gonna like your music, they're gonna be mean, nasty, petty, & heckle you just because. What you make of it is on you.

MT: What’s next for you?
Acapella: Right now I'm going to continue pushing 'theEP' once it's completely finished, continue to get more shows and show my face, and basically take over music.

MT: Where do you see yourself this time next year?
Acapella: I see myself working towards a debut album, touring, taking care of my family, and inspiring.

MT: What accomplishments and /or awards have you received?
Acapella: My accomplishments are self given. I've someone perfected my craft but still growing, I have a fat ass dope catalogue of music, and an open piece of mind. Lol.

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