{Audio} Truth Be Told - Apollo Brown and Guilty Simpson

Two Detroit titans, Apollo Brown and Guilty Simpson, are joining forces for a collaborative album on Mello Music Group. The album is Dice Game and today we’re happy to share with you the first track, “Truth Be Told”. 
Unlike lightweight rappers “scared to face the reality of truth,” Guilty Simpson isn’t one to tiptoe around on the mic. “Truth Be Told” finds the Motor City rhymer bearing his soul over a slow-burning soul chop that is trademark Apollo Brown. Guilty’s usual ferocity is tempered by his introspection, reminiscing back to times when he was hustling and living fast but without direction. A sublime string loop gives Guilty’s monstrous mic presence center stage to tell his story, a specifically hood tale that is still widely relatable. 
Guilty punctuates his reflections with a worthwhile reminder:
 “You want change? It starts with you.”

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