{ONE to KNOW} Vallie

We had the pleasure of asking up and coming rapper, New Jersey native, Vallie a few questions to get to know him, his music, his goals, and more. 

Misift Tunes: What is your government name?
Vallie: Gabriel most my friends call me gabe you'll get my last name if ya keep reading.

MT: What are your influences?

Vallie: whatever is around me, what im doing, what i see hear all that stuff. you can't be rapping about fake shit or no one will listen to you. i spit about whatever im doing whether it be with my friends or family. i like to tell stories.

MT:  How did you come up with your stage name?

Vallie: pretty simple just chose my last name, representing my fam,friends, and all the positive energy i got goin on.

MT: Why are you a rapper?

Vallie: I've always been around music sense a very young age went from bands to doing dubstep and now i started rapping. a lot of people always encourage me to keep doin it, so i go with the flow.

MT:  If you were not rapping what would you be doing?

Vallie: prolly recording artists or be in a band of somesort who knows.

MT:  How would you describe your sound/music?

Vallie:  im trying to do something different bring something fresh to the table. i just want people to give it a listen and if you feel it keep tuning in find me on twitter @VallieNJ

MT: What does your lyrics say about you/your character?

Vallie: spittin facts no bullshit. if you listen to ALL of my music which is (rap,hip-hop & grime) you figure things out each genre gives a different side kind of me.

MT:  Do you love your music? Tell me about that love how it feels, where it has taken you, the sacrifices you’ve made for it.

Vallie: from now on i only release what i love, me and my friends have put in so many hours but the work never stops were always grinding and wont stop.

MT:  What is your mission? What kind of impact if any do you want your music to have on your fans?

Vallie: i just want people to enjoy whatever it may be your listening to by me. i want to teach people lessons and tell stories some fiction and some non-fiction.

MT:  What are your goals?

Vallie: finish my mixtape push that to the limit hopefully with a DJ.

MT: How will you know when you have “made it?”

Vallie: i dont think about that i'll treat music as a 'job' when i can do that and make enough money to support myself but for now its just a hobby.

MT: Do you have a team behind you? If so tell me about your team.

Vallie: hell yeah i do. Vandal Squad consists of a bunch of kids i know who also rap. we all work together with our music and go studio all together. shouts out to all of em!

MT:   How many live performances have you done? Tell me about your best performance what made it the best…. Tell me about your worst performance what made it bad and what lesson did it teach you.

Vallie: as rapper i've only been in cyphers or what not. i plan on playing alot once i release more music and gain a solid fan base

MT: What’s next for you?

Vallie: to finish this album me and tyler (T-Mac) are working on. also go cop his mixtape when it comes out called "Lucid Dreaming."

MT: Where do you see yourself this time next year?

Vallie: playin some shows with my squad, staying focused and always progressing whether it be in music or anything.

MTWhat accomplishments and /or awards have you received?

Vallie: well one would be all the blog buzz ive been getting lately with my PBG release. alot more support which im liking and hoping to gain some fans from that 

Connect with Vallie
Facebook: Vallie
Twitter: @VallieNJ