{ONE to KNOW} Ki.da.Misfit CEO & Founder of Misfit Tunes LLC

What better way to introduce you to Misfit Tunes than to interview the CEO and Founder Ki Da Misfit.  
Here’s a short interview to get you better acquainted….

Misfit Tunes:  Where did you grow up?
Ki Da Misfit:  I grew up in Southeast DC.  Barry Farms to be exact and I also grew up on MLK.

MT:  What started your love for music?
Ki:  Well my uncle Gary was a DJ and my mom was really into music.  She always had a lot of records and kept the record player going.  It was always music in my house and I just fell into it.  I just fell in love with music.  It was a connection I had to it, and since I was an only child, music became my best friend.  Wherever I was, whatever I was doing, music was always involved.

MT:  What was the first song that really made you appreciate music?
Ki:  It’s really hard to pick an individual song that I can say turned me on to music.  There were a lot of artists that I got into very early like Phil Collins, Natalie Cole, The Barcays.  My mom played a lot of music and my grandmother kept the radio on so it was just music in general.  The way I connected to it, the way it made me feel.  Asking me to pick a song is like asking a parent to pick their favorite child.

MT:  So can you pick 5 artists that you can say are your favorite?
Ki:  Nina Simone is very high on that list.  I really like Led Zeppelin.  Jay-Z and Lil Wayne are both big motivators for me.  It’s really hard to narrow it down….Phil Collins, The Police, it’s so many artists that I love and appreciate for different reasons.  I could go on for years with this list!  Those are the artists that I would definitely want to take to a deserted island with me.

MT:  What prompted you to start Misfit Tunes?
Ki:  Well, I was looking for something outside of the Top 40 hits.  I wanted to hear good music from everywhere.  It’s my infatuation with and love for music.  And it just seems like the music industry is so saturated with droids and duplicates that I felt like if no one helped the independent artist get a leg up, then they would remain underground superstars and the truth is that the industry needs them.  Everyone sounds and looks so much alike that I’m not as excited and interested in the Top 40 as I once was.  But I do get excited about a lot of the underground artists and musicians I’ve found on Twitter, Facebook, or Sound Cloud.  It’s something new and fresh and their appreciation for the music and their hunger for music is very refreshing.  I just put their hunger for music together with my love for music and desire to help people and Misfit Tunes was developed.

MT:  Why do you want to help people and you’re not looking for anything in return?
Ki:  I’ve never been one to do something to get something in return.  What I get out of this is the chance to hear all of this great music.  I get music sent to me daily and I sit in awe and wonder why they haven’t been signed to a major label.  That’s what I get out of it.  As far as finances, you can’t do what you love and always expect financial compensation.  Getting paid is a bonus, it’s the cherry on top that I don’t necessarily need to have.  When it comes, I definitely appreciate it, but I don’t go into a situation LOOKING for the money.  A lot of these artists are struggling themselves trying to put food in their families mouths.  Blessings flow freely when you give and do from the heart.

MT:  What is it that you look for in a good song?
Ki:  It’s a feeling.  When I hear it, does it move me?  Do I connect to it right away?  Is the artist really into it?  You know, some of the music I’ve gotten, it doesn’t seem like the artist is really connected with the track…it shows through.  But then a lot of the music I get, you can just hear how the artist is connected with the music and feels good.  So what I look for is just something that I can connect to, whether it’s the track, the words, the hook, the way the artists’ voice rides the track.  But it’s always different because I like different genres of music.  I initially look for an “IT” factor….that thing we call the Misfit Gene around the office.  You don’t really know what “it” is, but when you hear it you say “yeah, they’ve got that Misfit Gene.”

MT:  What is your ultimate goal for Misfit Tunes?
Ki:  Ultimately I want it to be the artists’ favorite vehicle and platform to get their music out.  I want it to be somewhere where you can come and you don’t have to be a member, you don’t have to provide us with your information to listen to good music.  You can join a mailing list to get updates if you want, but it’s not required.  I just really want it to be a vehicle for the artists to get exposure, to connect with their fans, and the people that want to support them and love that genre of music.  Ultimate if I can find sponsors or investors that may be interested in a small tour, nothing grand, to get them more exposure.  I want to see how far I can go as a tool for the artists.  This is going to be the first phase of the Misfit Movement.  We’re trying to encompass all media….TV, radio, fashion, everything!  The world is so angry right now, much angrier than it used to be.  There’s a lot of stuff going on with the government, politicians, unemployment that I want to infuse some happiness and good times back into the world….and what better way to do that than with good music.

Fun Facts About Ki

Misfit Tunes:  Favorite time of day:
Ki Da Misfit:  Night time.  Late late night when the city is sleep.  There’s a stillness, a calmness, a true allure.  Between midnight and dawn....that’s my favorite time.  It’s just quiet.

MT: Favorite car:
Ki:  It’s tied between a ’67 Mustang a Porsche 911 Carrera.

MT:  Favorite Meal:
Ki:  Fried BBQ chicken with peas and mashed potatoes....or potatoes au gratin.

MT:  Favorite Shoe:
Ki: Chuck Taylors.  It’s a shoe that goes with everything from shorts to a suit!

MT: Favorite vacation destination
Ki:  I LOVE Miami.  The energy there is great!

MT:  Favorite Movie
Ki: Love Jones

MT: Most annoying sound
Ki: The sound of someone complaining.

MT:  Favorite sound
Ki: Laughter

MT: Least favorite word
Ki: Hate...it’s such a strong word and causes so much pain in the world.

MT: Favorite curse word
Ki:  FUCK!!!

MT:  What will God say when you get to the Pearly Gates?
Ki: I hope he will say “Welcome, you did a great job.”