The Word According To Twin

"Lord I've lost my way along the way but I'm fighting to find my way back, to you and more importantly to myself. 
The worst battle that we could ever have involves ourselves, and being torn between our mind and our hearts. Lord it's been such a blessing to know you and to be able to fall apart in order to rebuild ourselves, because we need to be rejuvenated and refreshed. 
This journey called life won't be easy nor will it be handed to us but lord I have no doubt that if we continue to walk by faith and not sight, continue to trust you instead of questioning you that we will make it to see the kingdom of heaven. 
Though I stopped writing lord, you never stopped giving me the word. I'm here to be a messenger, lord use me and others like me to preach your gospel and to tell of your wondrous works.
 Lord continue to have mercy upon us, lord because we need you like the air we breathe, lord we need you now more than ever."