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We had the pleasure of asking Toronto, Canada native, Lisa Banton, a few questions to get to know the woman behind the voice. If you have not heard the voice that pours from her sham on you! yet we will be honored and happy to introduce you to the awesome talent that is Lisa Banton.

Misfit Tunes: What are your influences?
Lisa Banton: My father was my inspiration to want to sing. Vocally artists like Mary J Blige, Faith Evans, and Lauryn Hill.
MT: How did you get your stage name?
Lisa Banton:It's my full given birth name.
MT: Why are you a singer?
Lisa Banton: I believe I was born to do this. Being that music is in my blood, it's always felt very natural for me to do. I love it!
MT: If you were not singing what would you be doing?
Lisa Banton: I's probably be playing an instrument of some sort professionally. Preferably the piano. I've always wished that I learned to play when I was young.
MT: How would you describe your sound/music?
Lisa Banton: I would desribe my sound as traditional R&B / Soul with elements of Hip Hop. R&B has made a lot of changes over the years. The music I bring seems to fall under the type of timeless music I grew up listening to, which I'm very pleased about.
MT: What does your lyrics say about you and/or your character?
Lisa Banton: Well being that I've written everything that I've put out for myself, my lyrics say a lot. Mainly that I'm always speaking from a real place. The majority of my music is based on love so I pull from a lot of my own experiences. Judging by how people react to my lyrics, they feel that I come from genuine place because they can relate. That is all I can really ask for.
MT: Do you love your music? Tell me about that love: how it feels, where it has taken you, the sacrifices you have made for it.
Lisa Banton: I definitely love the type of music I do. I don't always love what I come up with but I think that's normal for most writers. I wouldn't say my music has taken me anywhere quite yet and because of that fact very little sacrifices have been made. I'm sure I'll have many along the way but I'm not worried about it. My love for what I do is deep, so any decisions that I have to make will not be taken lightly and will probably result in very little regret.
MT: What is your mission? What kind of impact if any do you want your music to have on your fans?
Lisa Banton: With the state that R&B is in right now, the impact that I want my music to have overall is a long lasting one. I want to make music that my fans can listen to 10 years from now and say "Damn, that is STILL a good song". The music coming out right now doesn't really have that type of feel in my opinion.
MT: What are your goals?
Lisa Banton: At this point in the game for me, my main goal will always be to make quality music. I want to be able to share what I do with the world and have it loved by those who really appreciate what I have to offer. Anything that can make that happen, I will always be open to. Anything else that comes from it all, will be a bonus.
MT: What is your definition of success?
Lisa Banton: When it comes to my music, my definition of success is quite simple. The day that I can live comfortable off my earnings from music alone, will be the day I count it as definite success.
MT: How will you know when you have "made it?"
Lisa Banton: I'm not too sure. As a child, I always dreamed of having crowds of people chant the lyrics of my songs back to me while on stage. When you have an arena full of fans singing your music word for word, I think that's a pretty good sign you've made it! To know that your music has impacted people in such a way, I can't think of any better feeling.
MT: Do you have a team behind you?
Lisa Banton: Fortunately and unfortunately I don't have a team. Over the years I've been through a lot of bad dealings with people who acted like they had my best interest at heart. A team would be a great thing to have but it HAS to be right. Though it's been hard doing everything myself, I've learned a lot from all the trial and error. I've learned things that I may not have learned if I had a team or somebody else dealing with certain aspects. I'm slowly building one but it won't happen unless it feels right. My music and artistry means too much to me.
MT: How many live performances have you done?
Lisa Banton: I Couldn't give you an exact number at all. I've been performing for the past 10 years so it's been A LOT! 
MT: Tell me about your best performance. What made it the best?
Lisa Banton:  The first performance that comes to mind when I think of my best performance wasn't really even my performance. About 4 or 5 years ago I performed with an local rapper on a song that I sang the hook on. Once I got up on stage to do my part, his fans knew my hook from beginning to end. They sang with me EVERY time and for me, that was a taste of something I've dreamt for myself since I was young. It was a great night.
MT: Tell me about your worst performance. What made it bad? What lesson did you learn?
Lisa Banton: As far as my worst, any performance where I forget a lyric is a bad one for me. It's one of those things where no one can be blamed but myself. What that always boils down to is to practice and make sure I'm always on point.
MT: What is next for you?
Lisa Banton: Well my plan is to set focus on getting an EP or an Album done next. With 2 mixtapes out, I think it's about time that people get a full project of completely original music. 
MT: Where do you see yourself this time next year?
Lisa Banton: By this time next year I hope to maybe be doing a little traveling outside of Toronto. Performing in different cities and/or countries to get a feel for how people outside of where I'm from receive my music.
MT: What accomplishments and/or awards have you recieved?
Lisa Banton: To me, having completed projects are accomplishments in itself. To be able to put out 2 mixtapes on my own is pretty big to me. I know a lot of up and coming artists who haven't taken that step yet. I believe it is so necessary in order to initiate and and sustain a real fan base. I Haven't received any awards yet but I'm working on it!

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 Website: www.LisaBanton.com

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