{Download} WTFisaMAGoolie - The MAGoolies

"The MAGoolies, a quartet of underprivileged and underappreciated artists, represent the pivotal "broke life" lived by the blue collar workers who remain the backbone of Pennsylvania. 
WTFisaMAGoolie is their latest mixtape echoing the above representation of the common man in an honest and musically diverse manner. With a majority of the production coming from esteemed producer, DJ ZTRFKR, WTFisaMAGoolie is an experimental journey through sound and struggle.  House music influenced songs bred with despondent messages (see "All Nite" and "Jersey Force") are key parts to the message the tape evokes.  From the techno laced “Crash” to the head bobbing “Never Will”, the Magoolies will have their strange brand of music in your mind."

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