We go through life believing that we never have enough, when we have more than enough, we think where we are isn't where we should be but in reality it's where we need to be, and we believe that who we are isn't good enough because we're so busy trying to impress others not knowing that we only need to be better than ourselves because we are our own worst critic and best competition. Don't become distracted and preoccupied by life, and it's struggle to bring you down, instead rise to the occassion and perform as if your life depended upon it becauee in a way it does. We are destined to be Kings and Queens in our own right! We are warriors and soliders for Christ and we need to carry ourselves as such. We must slow down and take care of ourselves and take care of those around us as well. Let's seize the moment, and accept that people will come and go as God makes room for those we need and not just those we want, we have to accept that the road we travel wont be a easy one, we have to accept that death is a part of life and that our father's place is a better place than this here hell on earth, we have to accept that we won't have control over certain things and people in life so to each it's own, sometimes minding our own business is one of the best things we can unknowingly do for people. Be aware that self pity gets no pity and that pain, suffering and unhappiness are self inflicted. No excuses need to made just live, learn and do better. Turn your worries over to God because every moment grants us the opportunity to choose to live life.