What do you long for? What do you crave? When you wake up do you attempt to be better than yesterday but greater than today? Do you tell yourself there must be more to life than this? Look around you what do you see? I see violence, racism, poverty, a one sided government, adversity, drugs, alcoholism, neglect, disobedience, prostitution, addictions of every kind, the good dying young, the righteous being forsaken, my father's son taken in vain, and I shake my head and say there has to be more to life than this. We've got to part ways with our past, and grab ahold of our future, before there isn't one left. You have to want more out of life than materialism, than a reputation, more than to fit in, more than partying, more than smoking, drinking, cursing, more than whom is sleeping with whom, more than the latest car, we have to make more out of life, because life will throw every curve ball possible, life will throw every stepping stone in your way but what mankind uses for bad, God will make it work in our favor. What God has for me is for me, his abundance, his joy, his mercy, his faith, his will, his integrity, his strength, it is all ours if we ask and if we seek it. The moment we decide we want more out of life, then we will get more out of life. Though we cant change the world we can change our habits, our attitude, behavior and what we choose to put into the world, yes we know there has to be more to life but do we know how to go about receiving, and maintaining that very thing. Let's start out by prayer and worship because we owe him our life and worship and fellowship will help manifest that, then let's set some goals, achieve those goals and maintain those goals as well . When your having a tough time, be encouraged, when you feel as if God has forsaken you , be patient and wait on the lord, when you feel like you can't go on, know that God and others like you will walk hand and hand with you. There's more to life because my father promised us the promise land and that there is a table prepared for us, where there's no poverty, no violence, no racism, no segregation, no blashempy, no mother against daughter, no father against son, no friends in the form of enemies, there will be nothing but good times and God's unfailing love. Be of good courage and wait on the lord!