What are your talents? What can you give to life? What have you given to life? I've asked myself these Questions numerous amounts of times, and my answers always vary, But I've also continued to add more things to my list. Life isn't about what we can get out of life, But moreso what we can give to life,what can we give to
those around us and can we have a big enough influence on people's lives long enough for our death to speak volumes, and to never Be in vain. I look up to and admire so many of my peers because they are excelling in life without belittling others, they are genuine, loving, kind hearted, always willing to educate the next, sincere, and they understand that sacrificing is a part of life just to name a few reasons. Sometimes if you don't sacrifice, you wont Gain. The true source of abundance lies within us But only if we are willing to create those very conditions that will manifest our blessings through. God has blessed every last one of us with talents , whether it's the ability to play any sport, be a musician, a author, a poet, a motivational speaker, the gift of working with the disabled, there is something we all do well. Give back! Let your love for the Lord shine through you, so that everything that you are, and with every talent you possess can be used to give back to the world. We are an expression of life and creativity, therefore life will express itself through us, and we will live life by using our talents to speak for us!