Today not yesterday starts a new day at life, everyday we wake starts a new day and God's eagerly watching, waiting to see how we will take advantage of each new day. The saying " Don't put off tomorrow what you could be doing today ", applies to us all. We have to start living life everyday in every way with abundance, peace, love, happiness, open mindedness, fearlessness, and sanity. After we've realized this we need to no longer judge ourselves or others, we just need to trust the process and appreciate the journey. On this journey called life, let's take the image of God with us, let's take our unlimited potential, let's take the freedom of expression, truth, and creativity. We only get one life, so let's live it, and I'm not talking about Y.O.L.O., I'm talking about celebrating our life, and sharing that joy, celebrate with those around you, let's celebrate with those who said we couldn't make it because they have been our biggest motivation, but since we are mature in Christ, we are now able to look beyond that, and offer our hand to them, let's celebrate with those who has always been there through rain or shine. Let's celebrate with those who have been faithful and true to their word, let's celebrate with family and friends. Now that the celebration is over let's learn to embrace what is already ours with thankfulness, joy, and the expectancy of even more to come!