Our Cruelest Teachers by Twin Is Fine

Our cruelest teachers will always be time and experience. We can trace back our most valuable lesson to time and experience, either the lesson was given to us at what we thought was the wrong time or the experience set us back a few steps. Trial struggling, experiences, are meant to make us not breaks, you will find that's when the strength
you didn't know existed showed up and showed out. Now timing on the other hand has a mind of it's own, with time it seems like if its not one thing its another and everything keeps coming from every angle, and you want to give in but giving in and giving up has never solved anything, failure can be an option if you choose it to be but you should never consider it. I myself have never understood why people are so upset, why they get so discouraged fast over things they have no control over, with time , experience and patience you'll be able to have the necessary mindset to tackle any task and come out victorious. An experience is just that an experience its there to prepare your mind, heart, and approach. We are feeble and weak if we don't go through life and experience all that it has to offer in good and bad ways, the good prepares us for the bad, and the bad makes us appreciate the good. So let's prepare now for what he has called us to do, let's claim victory over what's to come, lets let time and experience continue to use us and teach us because without experience we wont know how to handle struggle, adversity, or challenges when they come our way and without time we wont exist, time is something we cant get back so why waste it on misery, on unhappiness, on being vindictive, on surrounding yourself with those devils in disguise, use your time for the greater good, sending encourage word to those you do and don't know, lend a hand and ask for nothing in return, offer a smile, laugh, a shoulder to anyone who needs it because God will take all this and more into consideration when its our TIME to be judged!