MY ATTITUDE by Twin Is Fine

My attitude is that if you push me towards something that you think is a weakness, then I will turn that perceived weakness into a strength. We can let people underestimate us But never can we prove them right, the goal is to continue to prove them wrong. People are going to plot our demise , wish death upon us but still attempt to still attend our funeral, they will wish failure upon us, curse our children, children's, children, smile in our face while their trying to take our place, they will pray that we become vaguely ill ,they will say and do anything they can think of to try to hurt us and see us fail. Stop giving another authority over your feelings, control of your heart and mind. Stop putting another's well being and happiness before your own. I've realized that the very persons we would drop everything for or break our necks for would hesitate to do the same for us and that has taught me to remain loyal to who I am but to never hesitate to let go of those kinds of people. They ask us if we are prepared for war but they are the one's bringing the battle , knowing we aren't on the same side nor fighting for the same cause. They ask us if we have ammunition, but they are ready to cock, load, and pull the trigger. Wake up and watch the company you keep and what lies around you. There are no easy ways through life but by watching the company you keep, you'll eliminate alot of stress and unnecessary drama. My message today is simple, though we aren't blind, the most irreplaceable things in this here life can't be touched, they are only to be felt with our hearts.