Don't ask for a better life if you're not willing to make the life you have better. While alot of people are wishing for a better life, someone less fortunate is wishing they had their life, their family, their friends, their love, their clothes, their job, their car , their house, their lifestyle period. Far too often people take for granted what could be gone within
the blink of an eye. Wishing for a better life won't change the circumstances, working with what you have, appreciating that, and putting your best foot forward will. Sometimes it takes being blind in order for us to see, sometimes it takes being deaf in order for us to hear, and sometimes it's going to take being walked away from for us to straighten up. So never ask for more than what you can handle, God gave you this life your living and your living it for a reason be mindful of this at all times. Next time when your going through issues on your job, and you start complaining remember there's someone whose wishing they had a job to go to, to complain about, the next time your getting in a dispute with a family member, remember family isn't always blood, God's given us friends in the form of family as well, the next time your hungry and complaining about you don't want to eat this or that, remember there's someone whose eating out of the trash because they have no choice, the next time your throwing away good clothes and shoes, keep in mind someone else has no decent clothes and shoes, the next time your abusing your child or children, not providing for them, wishing you never had them, there's a woman out here wishing she could bare motherhood . Never take for granted what you could easily appreciate, all it takes is a humble heart, the right mindset, and a better understanding of Christ!