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Jonathan Russell was born in New York yet found his purpose in New Jersey. It is in New Jertsey that J Biz the rapper was born. J Biz list of musically influences is a lengthy one! It includes such incrediable talents as 2 Pac, Biggie, Bob Marley, Canibus, John Lennon, Lupe Fiasco, and Nas to name a few. Yet he admits his life experiences good and bad as well as family and friends that influences him the most.
We had the pleasure of asking him a few questions and enjoyed every answer. After reading this piece I am sure you would have enjoyed every answer as well as became a fan,
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MisfitTunesHow did you come up with your stage name?
J Biz: My stage name creation came about almost at an early point in life. I just never really used it. My aunt had a pretty big part in it because she called me JB for a while.....scratching my head now figuring out why did she call me that....but anyways one day hearing it and fully putting the J.BIZ to it. It gave me a different way to accept it and look at it. It also gave me something that I began to identify with and make purpose behind. J.BIZ
MT:  Why are you a rapper?
J Biz: Because I love to do this. I love to work towards making more out of something. Connecting and inspiring people with your talent is an unreal feeling. Each bit of music Is a bit of me and how I express myself and view the world we live in. So to be able to continuously do that and have people relate to/appreciate what i'm saying is priceless and self motivating.
MT: If you were not rapping what would you be doing?
J Biz: Smoking a joint and working hard......
MT:  How would you describe your sound/music?
J Biz: Heart of Gold With Carnivorous pride.....basically good energy.
MT: What does your lyrics say about you/your character?
J Biz: Almost everything lol....yet I tend to think outside of and write out of character at times but it also shows the diversity of my character as well.
MT:  Do you love your music? Tell me about that love how it feels, where it has taken you, the sacrifices you’ve made for it
J Biz: Absolutely! The love that I have for my music is the love that one has for a significant other or a lifelong friend. The love I have for my music is motivating because it continues to grow. I have sacrificed a lot of sleep,time,relationships and money for this. Believing that the vision I have for this is bigger than what I have lost on the way keeps me goin though.
MT: What is your mission?
J Biz: My mission for right now is pretty simple. Im just working on putting out continuous efforts of valuable and quality music. Keep connecting with the supporters as well as get more people involved. Just keeping active till we aspire
MT: What kind of impact if any do you want your music to have on your fans?
J Biz:  The impact I would like to have on my fans is just to have an impact. Music touches each person in their own way so as long as it has a positive impact on the person my mission is accomplished.
MT: What are your goals?
J Biz: To accomplish them. I dont speak on my goals too much...i just try 2 keep them close in mind to always be on top of them.
MT: What is your definition of success?
J Biz: Achieving what you envisioned. And being able to enjoy it. Fulfillment
MT: How will you know when you have “made it”?
J Biz: When im so busy making it I wont notice that I already made it..lol...yeah thats my best answer.
MT: Do you have a team behind you?
J Biz: YUP. A great one. L.G.I.T. ENT. AND I2B Management. These two teams are very instrumental in my life and my daily operations. L.G.I.T. ENT is the team/company that I run along with my Co Ceo/partner in this business-Chupie. I2B aka Infinity to Beyond is a management company run by Jill who takes care of booking/contacts/updates and much more for her other services as well. These two teams are amazing to me and I couldnt ask for a better handful of belief,loyalty,dedication and talent. Stay tuned for much more from both of these Companies.
MT: How many live performances have you done?
J Biz: Id say about a hundred.
MT: Tell me about your best performance... what made it the best?
J Biz: The best is yet to come. ...I can definitely say a few off the top that stand out strong was-BLACK BIKE WEEK(BIKEFEST) in South Carolina,Times Square Arts Center(NYC), and Six Flags America(MD).
MT: Tell me about your worst performance what made it bad and what lesson did it teach you.
J Biz: LOL.....probably my first. I was nervous as hell. I stood in one spot the whole time. Thats funny as hell cause now I hit that stage and im bouncing off the walls. Guess I learned from it though.
MT: What’s next for you?
J Biz: Just gearing up for the new year. Preparing for some new releases. There is a new video and single releasing before the end of this year...and from there just keep taking it forward.
MT: Where do you see yourself this time next year?
J. Biz: Just taking my life thru doors that were once closed.

We wish J Biz the best of luck! He is well on his way to achieving major success through having his heart of gold with carnivorous pride open many doors that were once closed. J Biz is definitely one to know. Below you can watch "Ride With Me", you can download and listen to "Rubicon" by J Biz as well as how to connect with him and become a fan.
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