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Stori Brooks is a blossoming female emcee coming to you from South Carolina. We had the pleasure of asking her a few questions and enjoyed ever answer. After reading this piece and checking out her music I am sure you'll have enjoyed every answer as well as became a fan. 

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Misfit Tunes: How did you come up with your stage name?
      Stori Brooks:  A friend of mine said I should call myself Stori because I always have a story to tell. My other friend said, "Yea, that's a dope name because that's the alien's name in 5th Element!" It's not. But it stuck anyway.
      Misfit Tunes: What are your influences?
Stori Brooks: Every awesome thing that exists and all of the un-awesome so that I can do the opposite. 
Misfit Tunes: Why are you a rapper?
Stori Brooks:   Hip-Hop is the only religion that I would claim, so, I gotta testify.
Misfit Tunes: If you were not rapping what would you be doing?
Stori Brooks:  I would probably be a lawyer by now.
Misfit Tunes: How would you describe your sound/music?
Stori Brooks:  I'm a lover of music and I respect it.  When I take on a song its exactly how I'm feeling at the moment so it could change any minute. It'll always be from my heart though.
Misfit TunesWhat does your lyrics say about you/your character?
Stori Brooks:  That I'm myself and I have an odd sense of humor and I have an English Degree and that I'm not a gangster but I'm not a punk :)
Misfit Tunes: Do you love your music? Tell me about that love how it feels, where it has taken you, the sacrifices you have made for it.
Stori Brooks: I love my music, and I hope people feel half of what I feel when I make it. I've met a lot of wonderful people, had people look at me in an admiring daze as well as people throwing shade. I think I've put myself up to the public's scrunity for the sake of doing what I love. That's something I never would have done otherwise.
Misfit Tunes: What kind of impact if any do you want your music to have on your fans?
Stori Brooks: I just want my music to give you that Feel Good Feeling! And that its okay to be yourself even if it's different from everybody else! It's okay... swag it out. And never give up.
Misfit Tunes: What are your goals?
Stori Brooks: To have more assets to make awesome music and videos and to provide opportunities for others dying for the same thing.
Misfit Tunes: What is your definition of success?
Stori BrooksBeing happy and being able to help others find their happiness too.
Misfit Tunes: How will you know when you have “made it?”
Stori Brooks:  When I can wake up when I want to!
Misfit Tunes: Do you have a team behind you?
Stori Brooks: Not a team exactly. People mess with me and I'm thankful for that. The team thing is weird to me. Seems too conditional and binding. Love me and I'll love you for it and I'll support you if I like what you're doing. 
 Misfit Tunes: How many live performances have you done? Tell me about your best performance what made it the best. Tell me about your worst performance what made it bad and what lesson did it teach you.
Stori Brooks :  I've performed a good bit but not enough. It's never enough. But Atlanta has so many opportunities to perform. The worst experience I've had live is when me and the DJ argued on stage before we went on... then he messed up the music and kind of laughed about it. The lesson it taught me was to not mix music and relationships, ha ha
 Misfit Tunes: What’s next for you?
Stori Brooks: I'm really excited about this upcoming tape although its in its zygote stages. I just want to make good music, it sounds so basic but it feels so big to me.
Misfit Tunes: Where do you see yourself this time next year?
Stori Brooks: As a rapper in law school LoL

We wish Stori the best of luck! She is well on her way to major success as either a dope female emcee, a lawyer, or a dope female emcee lawyer either way she is definitely one to know. Below you can download and listen to "To The Hovercraft" by Stori Brooks as well as how to connect with her and become a fan.
Download. Listen. Enjoy.
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Connect with Stori Brooks
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