{NEW VIDEO} 2012 Cap City Cipha hosted by Ya Boy Pstew {All Rounds: WildCard, I, & II}

@YaBoyPstew hosted the 2012 Cap City Cipha at @MidiEastStudio. There were three rounds: the wildcard round, round I and round II. Each round is packed with talented wordsmiths that will tickle your cerebral cortex, cause your neck to give way and have your head nodding, as well as force turrets like outburst of damns and yeahs. The Cap City Cipha was captured and shared via @JukeBoxDC. Be sure to follow all these amazing artists as I am sure this will not be the last time you hear their names.
Watch. Listen. Enjoy.
~misfit movement let's make it count!!!

Wildcard Round

Round I

Round II