{TUNES TUESDAY} New Download - Ayomurdermark.com Promo Mix November

Ayomurdermark.com Promo Mix (November) by Murder Mark

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1.Do The Ayo-Murder Mark
2. 2pac Back- Dj Sega
3.The Carter 4 Theme- Murder Mark
4.Pink Friday Theme-Murder Mark
5. Headlines Remix-Murder Mark
6.Until The End of Time Break- Dj Pierre
7.Un Yeah Wooh(James Nasty Remix)- Murder Mark
8.Azz Everywhere-Jon Kwest
9.Hit Da Ass From The Back- Dj 695
10.Back It Out-Da Yo Boyz(Mike Mumbles and Samir)
11.Bad Bitches Drop It Low-Sheila D Yeah, TT The Artist, Murder Mark
12.My Goodies-Dj Pierre and TT The Artist
13.Hip Hop Saved My Life-Murder Mark
14.Kick Push-Dj Sega
15.U Don't Want No Problems- Dj Pierre and Mike-Mike
16.In My Hood-Dj Benny Stixx Remix
17.Mike Rock- Mike-Mike and Murder Mark
18.Hard In The Pain-Murder Mark
19.Waka's Revenge- Dj K-Spin
20.Pretty Boy Swag- Murder Mark and Dj K-Spin
21.Lets Go Lets Get It- Murder Mark and Dj K-Spin
22.Let Me Show Em(K.W. Tribute Version)-Murder Mark
23.What You Looking At- Dj Reds
24.Go 3-Dj Say Wut
25.Rude Boy- Dj Say Wut
26.Diga Room(Remix)-Rye Rye
27.Go Pop Bang Intro-Mario and Pacman
28.Sunshine(Murder Mark Edit)-Rye Rye and M.I.A.
29.The Beat Goes On-Dj Sega
30.Macho Man Theme-Murder Mark
31.BBMG Anthem- Dj Tameil, Dj Jayhood, Dj Joker
32.Hand On Your Hips Remix- Dj Jayhood, Dj Joker, Lumidee, Chad B
33.Torro Torro(Nadus Remix)-Blue Blouse
34.Carry Out(Instrumental)-Murder Mark
35.I'm Hot(Whats Up)-Dj Juwan
36.Shake His Bush-Murder Mark and Mike-Mike
37.Loop That Shit(Thunderbird Juicebox)-Murder Mark and Mike-Mike
38.Let It Out-Murder Mark