MISFIT MONDAY - Pocket Fulla Pillz

It is Misfit Monday the day we share with you some of the cool stuff that we love and support. Today we would like to introduce you to Pockets Fulla Pillz aka PFP. PFP is a line that takes pride in it's pill addiciton. This clothing line boost a primary focus on "slacker-wear". It contains anime, art toys for counter culture, hats and t-shirts for those too incapable, lazy or scarred. PFP's mission is "to put a pill in the hand or mouth of every man, woman, child and puppy on this or any other planet!!! Wheter for medication or relaxation, pills get popped!!!

The t-shirst range in sizes from S to xxL and come in a variety of colors. The t-shirts are made of cotton. The line hopes to expand to include hats, hoodies, and art toys in the near future stay tuned it is coming soon. Visit pocketsfullapillz.com to get your prescription filled by the "farmacist" today.
I will admit to being a pill head and loving it! This tees are a must have in any and all slackers, closet slackers, or 9to5ers that secretly rage against the system. It is the DMV {DC//MD//VA}t-shirt line that has one of the largest cult followings both locally and abroad.
Pocket Fulla Pillz is sure to fix whatever has been ailing you or at the very least make you feel good off its fashion high.
Be sure to follow them on twitter @pocketsfullapil and like their page on facebook Pockets Fulla Pillz
~misfit movement let's make it count!!!
Pill Head tee
Flying Pill tee

Rocket Girl tee

Revolver tee