DJ Reem, aka Kareem Brison, was born in Neptune, NJ into a family of music lovers. Both his mother's Jamaican heritage and his father's African American heritage influenced his love for both island music and hip hop. DJ Reem grew up listening to the New York based radio station Hot 97. He credits the Hot 97 show lineup for educating him on the Hip Hop scene. His ever present love for the music, coupled with his desire to motivate crowds of people, lead him to DJing. DJ Reem started out with mismatched equipment. He was set on not letting the lack of equipment stop him from achieving his goal of moving the crowd. Seeing how passionate he was about his goal, his mother surprised him with his first piece of official DJ gear in December of 2002. The only thing left to make him an official DJ was a DJ name. Taking a page out of Jersey rapper Joe Budden's book, who is not a fan of aliases, he decided to stay true to his name and chose DJ Reem. About a year later he got his first gig. The success of that party lead him to drop his first mixtape, G-BLOCK Mixtape, a compilation of local artists.
Tropical Thursdterays
Several years and many mixtapes later DJ Reem is a Powerhouse DJ, an Aviator Club DJ, a GUAP GANG DJ, as well as a DMV college DJ. You can also find him spinning on 99.3 The Joynt. 99.3 The Joynt is a radio station dedicated to connecting the world through unique, high quality music, performance and public affairs, and programming that informs, educates, entertains and inspires.
The New Jersey native, DJ Reem, can be found rocking the Jersey Shore at the Tropical Lounge for Tropical Thursdays. It's THE hottest Thursday night party on the shore. But it's not just the shore that DJ Reem is rocking; since starting school at Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD, he has deejayed a countless number of college parties throughout the DMV (DC/MD/VA). Also, he has teamed up with another hot DJ, DJ KI, to develop an upcoming series of blends in mixes. DJ Reem specializes in Hip Hop, Reggae, R&B, and Caribbean music. His latest mixtape, FTW 1.5, displays not only his talent to move the crowd but also a few of his influences. Just like Funk Master Flex, DJ Clue, and DJ Kid Capri, DJ Reem moves the crowd through his words as well. There aren't many DJs that can be their own hype man yet DJ Reem manages to move the crowd with ease through a perfect blend of music and his vocal directions.
Moving the crowd


DJ Reem hopes to one day have a show of his own on his favorite radio station, Hot 97, before he hangs up  his headphones and unplugs his deck and microphone. However, he has no plans to stop DJing anytime soon! He has found his true love and promises to always love the music and moving the crowd.