Technology - ME + 1

ME+1 is the must have app for the party goer that wants the VIP treatment at all their favorite venues.  With ME+1 you will never wait in another line nor worry about your credit card being lost or misused. Yes ME+1 will make your night out on the town better than ever before. To learn more about this amazing app visit their official site and follow them on twitter @_MEplus1 
  • Find Your Favorite Venues - No matter where you are, ME+1 can find any nightlife venue in your current city.
  • Stamp: Leave Your Mark on the City - Check-in to your favorite venues to get ME+1 points. Gain enough points to get rewarded for partying.
  • Keep Your Peeps in the Loop - Stay in touch with all your friends from Facebook and Twitter. The more the merrier!!!
  • Plan Your Entire Night, From Start to Finish - Keep track of all upcoming as well as last minute events.Make a list of where you want to go, what you want to do, than share it with your peeps.
  • Pay As You Go With Your ME+1 Account - No more standing in line! All you will need is your ID and cellphone. With your ME+1 account you can pay for everything ahead of time, or as you go throughout the night.
  • Stay Connected - Having a great night and want to share it with the world?!? ME+1 allows you to update your status as well as share pictures to your facebook and twitter accounts without leaving the ME+1 app!!!