On August 23, 2011 history was made in the DMV. That week we experienced an earthquake and had a visit from hurricane Irene, but those are not the history making events that had the streets of the DMV buzzing. Instead it was the release of Gov Life's Chaos The Rapper "Swine Flu II" the much anticipated follow up to "Swine Flu Flo". Yes there is a theme of sickness that Chaos The Rapper seems to follow guess it is because his flow leaves mics and stages riddled with incurable illnesses.

"Swine Flu II" is the latest of Chaos The Rapper's viruses attacking speakers around the country. Track after track of his sick flow attacks your ears leaving you under his spell and addicted to his laugh. WARNING: if you hear his laugh you should certainly duck because a verbal assault is sure to follow.

"Swine Flu II" is packed with 15 tracks of pure ill music. "Money Land" featuring @RatedRtheMac is an ode to the greatest motivation, Money. The track dedicated to all those on their 24/7 grind letting nothing stop them from reaching money land. "Life thru My Eyes" warns all that wish to walk in his shoes it's not an easy fit nor is it comfortable. In other words he doesn't just rap about it he is about that lyfe. "Lookin at Me" lets all his haters and stalkers know he sees you over there clocking him just like he sees those with big pockets talking reckless about his sick flow. "Aint From My Hood" lets all that listen to it know to stay the hell out his hood! The track also shows Chaos The Rapper has big love for his hood just like they have big love for their #1 son.

Overall "Swine Flu II" is a mixtape that allows the listener to peek behind the curtain to see the many faces of Chaos The Rapper, from caring big brother to murderous force, as well as proves he will be around for the long haul infecting the masses with his sick ass flow.

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~misfit movement lets make it count!!!