Who is 330???

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Who is 330?!? Such a small question yet loaded question that I am happy to answer. 330 was born Amanda Carter in Harrisburg PA. She received a Bachelor of Arts in French and Business Administration from Howard University.  Then in May 2010, Amanda graduated from George Washington University with her degree in Law. Although some might disagree, she is an educated sister with two degrees from esteemed universities, but chooses to follow her heart which lives in and for the music. It is the music that motivates her to bless the masses with a flow so hypnotic it’ll make you fall in love with the witty wordplay.  Her influences extend beyond American hip-hop. She fuses both French and West African hip-hop in her music. 330’s ever changing flow compliments any beat or track she attacks.
Sorry Im Late
This sick flow can be heard on 330’s debut mixtape “Sorry I’m Late.”  The mixtape is a sixteen track EP which resulted from years of writing, performing and perfecting her craft. It is packed tight with track after track of pure heat.  “No One” has 330 riding a smooth, easy beat, delivering bar after bar of why she’s your  girl’s favorite guilty pleasure. “I’m From Cali” is an ode to the West Coast and its laid back approach as well as its open minded, free love ladies.  “Lowkey” takes you on a tour through a day in the life of 330 over a beat-box beat and features Cypha Chef and Max Bent.  On “Dirty,” 330 along with Young Steel and Krazy confiscated the Dirty Money track “Angels” and deflowered it with some of the sickest bars to date.  Overall the entire mixtape is solid; from production to content, 330 delivered a winning project that could easily be ranked amongst the top releases of 2010. She shares personal narratives of everyday life with the seamless flow of a master storyteller. Her content consciously references pop culture, historical icons, as well as grapples with political issues.
330 is currently working on her follow up mixtape. It is shaping up to be primarily all collaborations and has some heavy hitters on board already. DC native and pioneer of the DC rap scene, Tabi Bonney, is featured on “Hard to Explain,” a track produced by the DMV’s own Jazz Hayes. Sic who has produced other monster beats for 330 such as “Money,” is returning to work on the second mixtape. Also on the upcoming mixtape is a track featuring TiffKno, an artist out of Houston with a southern flare, mixed with 330’s city gal swagger, I'm sure it won't disappoint.  Other artists she is looking forward to working with include Young Steel, who was featured on “Dirty” off the “Sorry I’m Late” mixtape,  DejaNu, J Bleasy, Last Born Child, Rawston George, and Wisdom just to name a few. This list could and does go on for days!  When asked about the sound of the upcoming mixtape 330 says “this tape will have a couple more “I’m From Cali” sounding, fun, club-friendly tracks."  She is putting lots of thought into the music because she wants it to be great, which is also why the follow up mixtape is taking so long to release. When asked if she expected the wait in between projects to be this long 330 admits “I had no idea it would take so long, but this is the process for greatness.”
Don’t worry good people, 330 is still releasing music to quench our thirst while we wait for the second mixtape to drop.  She has dropped two killer tracks that have elevated the anticipation even higher. The first single, “Go Harder,” a sexy sultry track featuring       B. Steady had all the ladies wishing to have 330 as their leading lady. The second single “Money” is a track that has 330 going OFF on the beat. She drops in like a missile bent on destroying any ideas that she is not a contender to the throne. “Money” also landed a coveted spot on DJ Drama’s “3rd Infantry Division Mixtape” project, which was released for digital download on July 4, 2011. To date the project has well over seven thousand downloads, a major accomplishment for a project built of up-and-coming artists. The video for “Money” was directed and produced by Sic of Eclective Records, an independent Virginia based label of which 330 is affiliated but not signed with. “Money” has also found its way on the soundtrack to the feature film, “Raising Wolves” directed by Derick Thomas of DA Vision Pictures, and due to be released in Fall 2012. Look for 330 to make her acting debut in this Baltimore based film project. She plays Ty, a dom drug dealer completely in love with her disloyal girlfriend. The film also has appearances from Trey Cheney of “The Wire” and up-and-coming rapper Caddy Da Don among others.   
Her humble approach to her craft, coupled with her work ethic, has opened many doors to the fire spitting femcee. 330 has performed throughout the DMV, as well as the East Coast, leaving crowds screaming for more. Her stage presence shows she is not just an emcee, she is an entertainer.  Her next show, WeGotNextMusikFest, will be held on October 2, 2011 at the Ottobar in Baltimore, Md.  You won’t want to miss this event. The event is the brainchild of the amazing folks at KingDom Ent and Happy Face management.
330 is sure to be around for the long haul. She has tons of talent and personality to match. She also understands the industry is sexist, as well as homophobic, yet refuses to give up on breaking into this male dominated and super competitive industry because people fuck with her music and she enjoys making her music. When it’s all said and done 330 hopes to inspire, uplift, and encourage everyone to do what makes them happy regardless of their age, gender, race, sexual preference, or whatever else people will attempt to use against you to hold you down. 330 said it best, “Breaking into the industry is hard work. But life is hard and I’m use to it.” If you are not familiar with 330 I suggest you support her music and download “Sorry I’m Late” and encourage you to GET HIP!!!

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