FASHION - Mobile Nail Art by HNR

In the fast pace world that has us all hostage, finding the time to pamper yourself is almost impossible. Between the full time job that pays your bills and your side hustle that motivates you to get out of bed, finding time to get your nails done is probably at the bottom of your to do list or may well not even be on your list at all.
Matte, Zebra, & Red bottoms
We need to find the time to give ourselves all the attention we give to others needs, projects, and reports. We need to schedule more “ME” time in our day! Okay so say we do decide we need more “ME” time, Driving to and from the nail salon combined with the time we wait for a nail technician to get to us, coupled with the time it takes for that nail technician to do our nails can add up to hours as opposed to minutes. And hours for our nails is just something most believe is a waste of time, and decide to pass on the day at the salon leaving our nails neglected and damaged. If only we could have a nail technician come to us, cutting those hours in half.
DOPE Comic Zebra
Squares & Swirls
Thanks to Her Nails Rock the impossible is more possible! Her Nails Rock is the brainchild of Ajahmure C., an extremely talented nail technician who loves nail art. All designs are done free hand, no stencils or stamps. That fact alone would be enough to make you make an appointment, yet the time restraints become the issue. Well here’s the cherry on top. Ajahmure C. is a mobile nail technician that will come to your home, your office, or wherever you find the time for her to create a nail art masterpiece!
Matte & Leopard
No more excuses! Time, high gas costs, and long waits will be a thing of the past once you contact Ajahmure C. to make your appointment.

~misfit movement let's make it count!!!