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KA'OIR is the creation of the lovely Keyshia Dior. Keyshia Dior is an actress, an entrepreneur, a model and a stlist. She is best known for her starring role in Timbaland's mini movie/video 'Say Something' which also featured Young Money atrist, Drake. She posses a personailty that which can not nor wants to be confined to just one niche. Keyshia  Dior defies expectaions and is a name that you want to keep an eye on.
Baby Bleu

Rude Girl

Now ladies this lipstick collection is not for the shy or bashful. The collection boast colors like  "Baby Bleu" a light baby blue soft as cotton candy lipstick leaves them with something to talk about.  "Wifey" is a soft pink lipstick that makes everyone beautiful. "Rude  Girl" is a deep bright purple lipstick that will have you breaking all the rules becuase a Rude Girl  don't follow the rules. "Jamaica" let's you get away to a lush tropical island with this shade of bright green lipstick. "Glitz" is a gold glittery lipstick that is beyond dazzling. It can also be used over other KA'OIR lipsticks "14k" and "Night". Yet best of all Glitz can be used as eye shadow and body glitter. A must have in your make-up kit. Everyone knows diamonds are a girls best friend. And the same can be said about "Diamonds" a silver glittery lipstick. These are just a few of the lipsticks from the KA'OIR collect visit to view the entire collection as well as to purchase your favorite lipstick today.

Take a look at behind the scense footage of her TV commercial and photo shoot for KA'OIR Cosmetics as well as clips of her latest music viseo with rapper, Yo Gotti, and much more. Than be sure to follow @KeyshiaDior on twitter. This Jamacian born Miami native is definitely one to keep an eye on.

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