Craig Mack was working as EPMD’s assistant when he hooked up with Sean ‘P.Diddy’ Combs’ (aka Puffy at that time) who invited him to rap on a Mary J. Blige remix in 1992. Craig Mack later became the first MC to release an album on the Bad Boy label. He released “Project Funk ad World” in 1994 which spawned the platinum selling single “Flava in Ya Ear.” The remix featured LL Cool J, Busta Rhymes, Rampage, and Notorious BIG.  Some credit the remix with launching Bad Boy records. Sadly, Craig Mack parted ways with Bad Boy records and Puffy in 1995 and did not get to reap the rewards of his labor, nor watch Bad Boy become the mega force it became. Mack was cited as saying he severed ties with Bad Boy over unresolved money issues with Puffy.
Project: Funk da World
After leaving Bad Boy, Craig Mack released “Operation Get Down” in 1997 on Volcano records. The album was a solid project, yet only garnished mediocre success reaching #17 on the R&B / Hip-Hop album charts. It generated a few singles such as “Rap Hangover” and “Jockin’ My Style,” but both failed to reach the success that “Flava in Ya Ear” attained. This album would be his only release on Volcano.
In an interview with MTV in 2002 on the set of Diddy’s video for the “I Need a Girl” remix, Craig Mack announced he was back working with Puffy and planned to go in the studio to work on his new album. He also appeared on Diddy’s remix album “We Invented the Remix vol. 1,” via his contribution to G. Dep’s “Special Delivery” with Ghostface Killah and Keith Murray. Although he parted ways with Bad Boy records, he remained close with the Bad Boys. He said “I don’t regret leaving the label. I’m just glad that I am with my family.” He also told MTV that his new LP would connect the dots of what he’d been doing since leaving the spotlight. He admitted he had done things he wasn’t proud of to support himself. This would all be discussed on his new LP.
Operation Get Down
Not sure what happened to that highly talked about LP, but in 2006 Craig Mack signed with Matt “Bean-E” Shaw’s Stereo Nasty Records and released the single “Mack Tonite.” Plans for a third album, tentatively titled “The Affiliation,” were announced and scheduled to be released in 2007. However, the album was shelved and in 2008 Craig Mack found himself once again in search of a label. He found that earning one Platinum plaque did not guarantee him permanent status amongst the elite of the Hip-Hop world.
Shame we didn’t get more music from this talented rapper, who at the time changed the game in a very good way. I do miss that crazy flow and those bass heavy beats he attacked. I’m hopeful that he will make a comeback, or at least release another album to satisfy my longing for another banger like “Flava in Ya Ear.”
Craig Mack present age 40

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