Woodville Inc.

Julie Pitts, founder and owner of Woodville Inc
Woodville Rosary
Most women, when asked if diamonds are a woman’s best friend would answer yes, if not hell yes!  I said MOST women, but certainly not Julie Pitts.  She would be the first to admit wood is her best friend.  No people get your minds out the gutter.  When we say wood we mean Cherry, Maple, and Oak.
Slow Jams
Julie Pitts and her business partner Adrian Matlock, both graduates from North Carolina State University College of Design as well as artists in their own right,  started Woodville Inc. located in Durham, NC, in July 2010.  Woodville Inc. is a minority run, locally operated craft shop, mainly focused on providing custom wood pendants, which are designed to your preference.  Their mission is to make high quality, handcrafted wooden accessories that allow their clients to better express themselves.
Love wings
Woodville Inc. takes great pride in their work and absolutely loves what they do.  And what they do is let their passion for craftsmanship shine through their stock pendants (zodiac signs, Greek letters, religious symbols and figures, and cultural symbols such as Adinkra and Kente motifs) as well as their custom pieces. Woodville Inc. attaches pendants to the chain of your choice, bracelets, or to a number of rosary arrangements. Each necklace is beaded by hand using 20lbs strength cord.  Woodville Inc. treats every piece of wood like a piece of extraordinary furniture that is meant to last forever.  All products are crafted using a laser cutter, then sanded, stained, and coated with at the minimum two layers of poly-acrylic or polyurethane.
Woodville logo bracelet
Colored bracelets
Woodville Inc. is in a lane all their own. Although there are others making great wood accessories, there are none that offer the quality pieces, willing nor open to creating out of the box designs, nor have better customer service. Woodville Inc. hopes to have their products in stores in every major city in North Carolina by 2012. Once they reach that major feat, watch out because Woodville Inc. will only be bound by their creativity.