Pretty Ratchet - Sheila D. Yeah


Sheila D. Yeah is more than a female rapper which is why we call her a femecee.  She can sing, as well as rap, and she’s a true emcee that moves the crowd.  Her personality fits her talent and both are huge and unlike any other.  Hailing from the DMV, her latest release “Pretty Ratchet” is a goodie bag filled with sweet treats.
Sheila D. Yeah takes Ready for the World’s “Oh Sheila” beat and transforms it into “Go Sheila” which she does.  Her flow takes the beat to another level while rekindling the love you had for the original Ready for the World song.  “Go Sheila” is the song to play when you’re getting ready for the club and want to get all the way turnt up for sure!  To keep the party going the next track “Ballin Like I’m Diddy” will have you Diddy bopping while your addiction to the Sheila D. Yeah flow grows rapidly. “Hey You” is a nice melody that finds Sheila D. Yeah singing as well as rapping.  It’s a track that reminds you of early Estelle or Queen Latifah. Yes, we know those are major talents yet we believe Sheila D. Yeah is a major talent in her own right.  In case you weren’t sure of her talent, she lays “Rude” on you and dares you to not submit to the heavily synthesized and chopped beat.  Her flow guides the beat driving it, as well as the listener, into a frenzy.  Those are just a few of my favorite tracks, but the project itself has 10 tracks and a feature from the fat fool, Fattrel. 
Overall I believe “Pretty Ratchet” is pure hotness.  I’m extremely excited to watch the supernova that is Sheila D. Yeah set the industry on fire.  I am a fan of this young lady and I’m certain after you listen to “Pretty Ratchet” you too will become a fan.

~misfit movement let’s make it count!!!