Guess Who's Coming 2 Dinner - 3D Na'Tee


3dNaTee aka Diva aka Natee is a cold killer! If Eve was the pitbull in a skirt, NaTee is the pitbull who rips it off and becomes the animal she was meant to be.  Please don’t let the cute face and curves lull your career to death.  This New Orleans native (who calls Atlanta home these days) latest release, “Guess Who’s Coming 2 Dinner,” is a buffet of murderous bars.  On “The Reservation” she promises “to never let you [the listener] down” before she goes in without a beat.  I’m sure she puts many rappers, males and females, in their feelings with this track. Yep, she is exposing pretend rappers.  I tried to share a few bars from this track yet couldn’t pick any because they all hit the target like bullets from a sniper’s riffle.  Damn, and that was just the first track! On the second track, “Hello Good Morn’n,” NaTee takes the Dirty Money beat and decapitates the listener with a playful flow…playful like Chuckie the lil red hair killer doll that is; definitely not my lil pony playful.  A few tracks later we meet Diva on “Been a Diva” who takes Beyonce’s beat and gets cold sick on it.
“Guess Who’s Coming 2 Dinner” is stacked with 23 tracks, all of which let you know NaTee is out to end careers!  Again, head the warning, don’t let the cute face and curves fool ya, 3dNaTee aka Diva aka NaTee is a true battle rapper with bars so heavy you’d pray to carry the weight of the world rather than get hit with her bars.

~misfit movement let’s make it count!!!