Something For Her - Trus Real


Trus Real, a rapper out of Maryland, latest release “Something For Her” is a love story for the ages. On it Trus rides tracks made popular by such artists as Miguel, MusiqSoulChild, and Trey Songz with such comfort and ease you believe they are his tracks and his alone. His easy flow tells the story of love found and love lost.
On “The Date” Trus takes us through the planning of the first date with his Ms Right.  He then express how honored he felt to have had the privilege of being intimate with his Ms. Right on “Sky”.  On “Blind” G. Wes is featured we also find things not going so well with Trus and his Ms. Right.
I don’t want to give it away so I won’t. What I will do is tell you Trus Real is the real deal he has an easy flow that compliments any beat. He also pairs his flow with some very talented vocalist such as G. Wes, Vanessa Aguilar, and Alyssa Marie a femcee with a killer flow of her own.  
“Something For Her” is definitely worth the $5 to download from start to finish you won’t need to skip any track to find relief from a wack beats or uninspired flow. Because Trus Real delivers on each and every track!!!