KONSHENS and His State Of Mind

KONSHENS pronounced Conscience is a  hip-hop MC w/his own BAND.  KONSHENS and His State of Mind are the perfect fusion of Hip-Hop, Jazz, Funk, R&B and Go-Go intertwined w/ lyrical RHYME. Some have said this is the evolution of hip-hop.

KONSHENS was  born Tarik Davis in the Northwest section of Washington, DC were he was also raised.  Due to the fact KONSHENS exhibited his musical potential as a vocalist and musician at an early age. At the young age of 4 he was attending The Institute for the Gifted and Talented and focusing on the piano and later clarinet. He than began writing poetry as well as continued to play music wherever there was an audience.  His creativity developed as did his artistic abilities and by the age of 10, KONSHENS officially fell in love with hip hop.  He credits such artists as Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, Ice Cube, Kool G Rap, Guru, Big L, Nas, Tupac and Scarface as some of his early influences.

 Five years later he became the rapper and backup lead talker for local go-go band "High Image". His band opened for local legends like Rare Essence, Northeast Groovers, and  Junkyard Band. High Image redefined the typical go-go band by creating its own unique sound which included all original lyrics. 

KONSHENS recorded his first hip-hop song in 2000 with his longtime friend Antonio Graham. A year later he met his current producer Phillip Carroll of X Factory Studio/Records. Armed with the advice given by Rich Harrison (co-writer and producer of various songs including Amerie's "one thing", Beyonce's "Crazy In Love" & Destiny Child's "Soldier"), along with the creative minds of Phillip "Producer X" Carroll  and Dwayne "Blue" Telesford (his current business manager), KONSHENS has developed his unique contribution to hip hop. KONSHENS most unique contribution is constructing his very own seven piece band “STATE of MIND”.  

KONSHENS and His State of Mind consists of members who accompanied KONSHENS in his go-go band High Image: which includes cousins Vaughn (keyboards) & Frankie (Bass), High School friend Tim (drums) as well as Tim’s cousin Darwin (percussion), Ray (Sax) and the newest editions Prescott Morgan (guitar) and the lovely and talented Joi Trisie Tsadi-Gee (keyboards).  KONSHENS and His State of Mind are often referred to as “the hip hop version of Frankie Beverly and Maze.”  You can hear His State of Mind on KONSHENS second project released March 2009. In August of 2010 they were the only hip hop artist/band performing at the 5th Annual International Soul Music Summit in Atlanta, GA. Currently KONSHENS and His State of Mind are recording the third independent project “The Progression” slated to drop in 2011. Below you will find two tracks from “The Progression”.  “Addiction” a jazzy R&B beat that compliments the laid back easy flow of KONSHENS that talk about the struggles of letting go of addictions. “Lets Toast” is a fell good track that encourage you to raise our jay or glass in the air and celebrate. Both tracks have very different sounds yet each is equally hot! KONSHENS flow coupled with His State of Mind has made me both a believer of the fact they are the evolution of hip-hop as well as a FAN for life.