5 More Minutes - Alyssa Marie


Alyssa Marie, a solo hip-hop artist from Massachusetts, latest project "5 More Minutes" is a sledgehammer. Alyssa takes well known beats such as Chris Brown's "Look At Me Now" as well as Wiz's "Black and Yellow" and goes OFF. She has a cold nasty flow that attacks the track and makes it submit to her wishes.

Alyssa hooks up with Trus Real on "In The Morning" a jazzy beat they drench with their easy flow to tell of heartbreak and heartache.

My favorite track is “Curse” Alyssa Marie and a piano delivers an emotional melody that allows the listener an opportunity to see her pain. I must admit saying this one track is my favorite is like a parent saying one of the children are their favorite.

I am going to say it now Alyssa Marie is one to watch. She's a hip-hop artist that lets her word play hypnotize you as oppose to the sway of her hips. Also please to be fooled by the pretty face Alyssa Marie possesses a killer flow that will devour.