What is Misfit Tunes....

Misfit Tunes is a division of Da Misfit Movement. Here at Misfit Tunes we are on a mission to find new artists as well as new sounds. We promise to deliver an impressive array of sights and sounds from around the world! YES we will be bring you sounds from all over, domestic and international. If you have good music we will be honored to showcase your tunes.

It is our mission here at Misfit Tunes to raise the bar and push the envelope. We enjoy much of the top 40 offerings, yet we know there is far more good music than what the industry has stamped good music. We want to showcase all genres of music. At Misfit Tunes you will find the artists’ current work as well as a short bio. We will list how you can book the artists for gigs as well as how to find and support them via Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, etc. We seek no payment, we do this merely for the love of good music as well as a very strong desire to help break new acts and sounds.

We have no criteria other than your music have a banging beat, and the Misfit gene. What is the Misfit gene you ask… well it’s that "it" factor. We do not guarantee your music will be selected for use on our website, yet we do promise to give it a listen.

If you would like to submit your music for consideration please email it to our founder KiDaMisfit at misfittunes@gmail.com. Please only submit copies as the music will not be returned. Also please send a short bio which includes your contact information for our private records in case you are selected to be interviewed by our staff, as well as any and all ways your fans can support you.

Remember Misfit Tunes is made to awake the Misfit in all of you... Misfit Movement lets make it count!!!